Maybe you’ve noticed that your Air Filter could use some cleaning. You now need to know the process of cleaning your Air Filter. The process of cleaning & restoring your Air Filter into a good as new one is not as hard as you might have thought. Cleaning your Air Filter is actually quite simple, if you follow the How-To clean your Air Filter below. In this Air Filter cleaner How-To, we use the K&N Recharger Air Filter Cleaning Kit.

CAUTION! This How-To about cleaning an Air Filter may not apply to all Air Filter Cleaners. Please always take a look at the cleaning kit manual you’ve purchased and take a look at their instructions. However, we do recommend you’re using the Air Filter Cleaning Kit of K&N.

STEP 1 – Applying The K&N Air Filter Cleaner

When Applying The K&N Cleaner, broadly spray the K&N Cleaner on both sides of the filter and allow the Filter to soak for at least 5-15 minutes to loosen the dirt, and other materials.

Please stay close to while applying the Cleaner, and don’t run away to get a drink. The Filter Cleaner should not dry on your filter, this may cause more damage to the filter than it actually repairs.

STEP 2 – Cleaning The Air Filter

Next, Clean your Air Filter with cold low-pressure water. Clean your Air Filter from the inside, so the dirt gets removed from the outside. Continue cleaning the filter until all prints of Air Filter Cleaner are gone. If the dirt has been completely removed from the filter, continue to step 3. Otherwise, if the dirt is still visible in the frames. Please repeat step 1 and 2 until your filter looks nice and clean.

STEP 3 – Dry Your K&N Air Filter

After you’ve cleaned your Air Filter, gently shake off the remaining water and allow the Air Filter to dry naturally.

Please don’t use an Air Gun in order to dry your filter. This may cause unrecoverable damage to your Air Filter.

STEP 4 – Applying The K&N Oil

When you’re using the Air Filter Oil Squeeze Bottle, also found in The K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit. Apply The K&N Air Filter Oil evenly spread around the crown of each pleat. Allow the oil to sink in the filter for around 20 minutes. Afterwards, touch up any areas uncovered on both sides of the air filter until the filter is covered in red color at all the areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Air Filters

Here are some answer people also ask about their Air Filter.

How often should I clean my Motorcycle Air Filter?

To keep your air filter in the best condition and your engine in shape. It’s best to clean the filter a couple of times a year. Especially when you’re driving a lot of sandy roads.

Can I wash my Motorcycle Air Filter?

I’m not sure if washing is a good idea. I’ve never tried that before. It’s best to use the Air Filter Cleaning Guide above.

If you have any further questions about your Air Filter. Make sure to leave a comment below!

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