Time needed: 15 minutes.

Removing stickers from your motorcycle can be quite a tough job. Specially if the sticker has been on your Motorcycle for a long time. Also, the kind of surface where the sticker has been put matters. Anyway, stickers always stay stickers which means you can always remove them. As long as you’re using the right tools to do so! In this how-to I’ll give you a couple of tips and tricks about how to remove stickers from your motorcycle. Caution! We are not responsible to any damage or whatsoever might happen to your Motorcycle. Use this How-To remove your stickers from your motorcycle with care.

  1. Step 1: Heat The Surface Around The Sticker.

    The first step to remove the sticker from your Motorcycle. Take the hair dryer, or another heating tool you might have, and heat the surface around the sticker. By doing this the glue behind the sticker starts to become liquid again.

  2. Step 2: Removing The Sticker

    After you heated the surface around the sticker, try to pull away the sticker. To do so, carefully try to put your finger nail under the sticker and try to peel it off. It’s important to keep the surface around the sticker hot during the peel off.

  3. Step 3: Removing The Remaining Glue

    The best way to remove the remaining glue on a plastic surface is to use oil. Put a little oil on the surface, and rub the remaining glue off with a cloak. The reason that we’re using oil is that we can prevent damage to the surface. If the sticker is made of paper, then the best way to remove the remaining glue is to use some regular cleaner.

  4. Step 4: The Final Step, Waxing The Surface (optional)

    The last step is to wax the surface. We wax the surface to make the surface where we removed the sticker look the same as the rest of the body work. This step is Optional, but we do recommend doing so.


Removing stickers from your Motorcycle doesn’t have to be hard, just make sure you’re using the right tools to do so. This makes everything a lot easier.