Why are Motorcycle Air Filters so important for your engine? And why should you take a look at your Air Filter right now. In this article we’re discussing the purpose of Air Filters and why they are so important.

What does an Air filter do?

An Air Filter on Motorcycles cleans the dirty air from the outside. It also makes sure there doesn’t come in any other dirty material inside your carburetor, like sand and water for example. If you are driving without an Air Filter, the chance that your carburetor starts leaking is extremely high. This doesn’t only make your garage a mess ”when you didn’t notice it was leaking in the first place” Furthermore, you also risk damaging your engine. You could’ve imagined what happens if you mix your fuel with sand and water. Your engine doesn’t like that.

When should you replace your Filter?

You might have been wondering, when is it time to replace the Air Filter of my motorcycle. The answer is quite simple, let’s first imagine you haven’t taken a look at your Air Filter for a long time. The first thing you might have noticed is that your Carburetor starts dripping fuel slowly underneath. Another thing could be, that your engine is having a hard time to start, Or your engine starts running worse stationery. Both of these are synonyms that your Air Filter of your motorcycle could use a replacement nor cleaning.

Conclusion About Air Filters On Motorcycles

Always take care of your engine, and take a good look at your Air Filter when you take your Motorcycle back out your garage after you haven’t used it for a while. This helps you prevent damage to your engine, which could also save you maintenance costs. Which you could have spent on fuel to drive instead!

If you prefer to clean your Air Filter instead of buying a new one, then you should try our Air Filter Cleaner How-To For Motorcycles. In this post, we talk about how to clean your Motorcycle Air Filter with the K&N Airfilter Kit.